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Hey Allen Tate Agents!

As a member of the Allen Tate Essential Services, Master Title is here to support you throughout your transaction. Your Master Title representative can work with you through title questions and serve as a liaison between you and your closing attorney. With experienced legal counsel on staff, Master Title can assist you and your closing attorney with any title issues that may arise in the closing process.

As a further service to our valued agent partners, we can conduct a prior policy search to determine if a prior title insurance policy exists for the subject property. Locating this prior policy could potentially offer your buyers savings on their new title insurance policy. To take advantage of this service, simply copy on your contract, or fill out the form below.

If you are listing a property and suspect that there may be liens or title issues, Master Title can also coordinate a free current owner search on the property from an approved real estate attorney. This current owner search could reveal potential issues before significant time and resources are expended in marketing the property.

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