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How Would You Grade Yourself?

Whether or not you think the worst of Covid is over (and I am hopeful and prayerful that it is) you can't help but think long and hard about the past 25 months since March of 2020. The challenges of health, economics, and liberty did a number on this already divided country. We were in no shape for the battle it seemed. But battle we did...we battled each other medically, politically, and precautionarily. 25 months have dragged on, and flown by as well. Countless challenges and concerns. We all had them no matter where you stood or how you viewed the virus and its effects. One thing that we all did have in common is this...not one of us had any control of the situation that we were in. Some of the best advice I heard in the last two years was to "control the controllables." Awesome advice in or outside of a global pandemic. Like all advice though, much easier to dispense than to execute. But here we are days away from a hopeful spring 2022 and so many good signs to be optimistic about. Also a good time to look back and reflect on the past two years. How would you grade yourself? Perhaps you should go easy on yourself as well. We lost over 900,000 souls in the past two years, so simply hanging around this wonderful world is an accomplishment. Didn't pick up any life changing habits like trading NFTs, making homemade pasta, or creating TikTok videos? That's alright. Did you grow closer to your loved ones, appreciate your work mates more, or get to know your neighbors better? Did you develop a higher sense of gratitude and perspective? That's really cool. It might be asking a little too much if you reduced your screen time, but I'll leave that to another piece. Especially as I am pecking away on my laptop with my phone about 4 inches away and my wife behind me watching TV. Something about doing as I say...not as I do.

We at Master Title Agency have had our fair share of obstacles as well, but I am very pleased to report that we are stronger together and as tight a team as we have ever been. Great fresh energy, wonderful new talented people and leaders, and still very focused on developing young professionals. Going into our 20th year in business in the Carolinas we could not be more optimistic or grateful. Spring is coming and what a beautiful season it will be. Mother Nature gets back on the job and a very big job it is this year. On behalf of the entire team at Master Title we thank all our clients, partners, and friends for such great support. We wish you all health and happiness as we look forward to a busy and beautiful 2022 Spring. We all deserve it.

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