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Senior Commercial Underwriter, Certified Paralegal

Joining the Master Title team in June of 2011, Leigh has experience in both mortgage and settlement areas. She has worked with mortgage lenders as closer or underwriter, and at law firms as a certified paralegal. Her quick and sharp underwriting skills are reflected daily with your residential and commercial commitments and finals. 

Leigh is an excellent communicator, hard-worker and a great asset to the team. She is quick to work on orders, answer client questions or respond to prior policy requests.

Leigh is also the mother to two beautiful children! Along with her husband, Brad, Leigh cares for her teenager, Marz, her son, Jackson, her dog, Jasper, and two cats, Taffy and Skylar. Leigh's greatest passion is for her family. Leigh is a North Carolina native, born and raised in Raleigh and then headed south to Charlotte in late 2005.

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