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Angie Hatch

Title Administrator

Angie Hatch embarked on her journey with Master Title in May 2023 and made an immediate impact, earning the prestigious Rising Star Award within her first year. Her expertise in real estate law, honed over 16 years as a paralegal, has been instrumental in her success at Master Title. Angie's dedication and exceptional skills have quickly established her as a vital member of the team.

Before joining Master Title, Angie served as a real estate paralegal for 16 years, where she developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of property law. Her extensive background in this field has provided her with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in her current role. This strong foundation has been key to her seamless transition and impressive performance at Master Title.

On a personal note, Angie has been happily married to her husband Brian for 20 years. They have three sons: Caleb, who is 18 and recently graduated from high school, will be attending East Carolina University in the fall; Zak, who is 13 and a rising 8th grader; and their eldest son, Trenton, who is 26 and lives in Georgia. Angie is also a proud pet mom to her beloved fur babies, two dogs named Leo and Davinci, and two cats named Dave and Diego.

In her spare time, Angie cherishes moments spent with her family and loved fur babies. They share a love for disc golf and bowling, enjoying these activities together whenever they can. This blend of professional dedication and personal fulfillment defines Angie Hatch, making her a standout figure at Master Title, where she continues to thrive and make significant contributions.

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